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How it Works

This site is designed for two types of people: learners and tutors. Learners are people searching for a solution to a problem and need to learn how to do something quickly. Learners can easily browse through the categories, search for a specific term, or ask a question on the forum. Tutors are the people who provide that information.

How it Works for Tutors

  1. Create a free account
  2. Complete your profile to maximize subscribers for your channel
  3. Create posts that link to tutorial videos you’ve created (works with both YouTube and Vimeo)
  4. Relax while we generate free exposure for your videos and channel


Our History

In the Beginning

5 Minute Guide started out as a simple YouTube channel (check it out here!) with the goal of making quick and easy to follow tutorial videos. Tons of people waste hours online trying to find information and get buried in a landslide of useless search results. In fact, 2 of our better performing videos (Connect WPS printer to Airport Extreme & Dynamic Dropdowns in Excel) were made after Mike spent needless amounts of time trying to figure these things out.

It has become the mission of 5 Minute Guide to save people time by providing clear and concise tutorials. This means we aim for short but informative videos.

Building a Website

It wasn’t long before we decided it was time for a website to host our videos and become a bit more engaged with the people who are asking us questions (let’s face it, sometimes the YouTube comment system just doesn’t cut it). A good friend suggested we open the site up so others can share their knowledge. We love free sharing of information, so we jumped on the idea.

We hope you find this site incredibly useful for finding the information you need. If you can’t find a tutorial right away post a question in the forum and get some answers tailored to your needs.

If you’re a tutor, we’ve designed this site with your best interests in mind as well! Visitors can subscribe to your YouTube channel directly from your video page (in 2 places, actually), plus you can link to your social media accounts for further interaction.

Please feel free to offer suggestions or get in touch for any reason if you have anything to say by using our contact page. Thanks for coming!