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Submission Guidelines

We’re thrilled to provide an outlet for you to share your tutorials, but with that must come some guidelines, right?

Ok, so here they are.

  1. This site is only for tutorials/how to types of videos. Anything else will be removed. Not because we don’t like you, but it just doesn’t belong.
  2. If it’s not safe for work it’s not safe for this site.
  3. The video you submit must be on an account/channel that you control or are authorized to act for.

Pretty simple, yeah? Next, here are some best practices that we’ve found help make our videos better. You are not required to follow these, but we think it helps.

  1. Keep the video as short as possible – generally between 5-10 minutes. If the content requires more time, consider breaking it into a multiple part series (plus, this will get you more views overall!).
  2. Edit your videos! Get rid of mistakes and stutters whenever possible. We’ve found that Screenflow by Telestream works great for both screencastng and editing if you’re doing software videos on Mac.
  3. Script your video! Or at least outline it.
  4. Make sure each step is clear and that your viewers can see what you’re doing clearly.

Got it? Great! Thanks for helping us make knowledge freely accessible!