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3: What do you need to sign up for Uber? UBER 101


This 6-video series gives you all of the information and goes through all of the steps required to start earning money by driving with Uber!
Video 1: What is an Uber Driver?
Video 2: What are the Uber Driver Requirements?
Video 3: What do you need to sign up for Uber?
Video 4: Why Uber Drivers Should buy Business cards.
Video 5: What are Uber Driver Ratings?
Video 6: What is Trade Dress and why is it Important?

Ready to sign up to drive for Uber? Here’s the link you will need:

Tutor Bio

Jon, graduate from Word of Life Bible Institute & TDDS Technical Institute is the owner of Jon's Wireless & NEPA iPhone repair in Wilkes Barre, PA. He is the father of the cutest child on the planet and has a ton of experience doing insanely random things. His first job was as a bellhop in the once famed Raleigh Resort and he's done everything from bailing hay to heading a national christian outreach. Never incredibly successful at anything yet, but hang out a while, the shows just getting started...