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Download & Extract Photos from Pixieset on a PC


When your photographer sends you a link to download your photos from Pixieset it seems pretty straightforward, but there is a trick to it. For some reason there is a zipped folder inside the original zipped that also must be extracted. The incredibly tricky part is that Once you unzip the first time you can see the photos, but they are terribly compressed and appear to be awful unless you unzip the second time.

Here’s the step by step breakdown:

  1. Download the photos from Pixieset by clicking on the downward arrow above the photo gallery
  2. Either wait for the download to be ready, or wait for an email with a download link (it could take a while if there are several photos)
  3. Choose where to save the download folder from Pixieset and save it
  4. Right click on the folder and choose “Extract”
  5. Right click on the very next folder inside the first and choose “Extract”
  6. Enjoy your photos at full size!

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